The NunaWrap Story

The NunaWrap Story

Sewing has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, and when I left teaching in 2000, I started selling clothing I made. I'm trained as a mathematician, and geometric shapes heavily influence my designs.

One of my best-selling items has been the NunaWrap style, but in rayon. Facing a long, overseas flight one early spring, I made myself a wrap in fleece to take on the plane. Its warmth and comfort, combined with the easy-on/easy-off feature, make it perfect for plane travel. In addition, it provided me with a mini-robe at my destination and a warm wrap against cool sea breezes.

While on that trip I thought about the wrap and how wide an audience it had: pregnant women, women in wheelchairs, nursing mothers, women in nursing homes, all in addition to ordinary women who like style, comfort and the easy-care aspect of the NunaWrap.*

I've sold them for all of the above purposes. People engage me when they buy a Nunawrap, and so I hear their stories. A sampling:

  • One woman who counsels and chaperones teenagers bought one to use as a cover-up in the middle of the night when responding to their needs
  • a soccer mom keeps one in her car as a handy wrap at games
  • an elderly woman bought one for her husband who is in a wheel chair
  • a grandmother returned for a second one because she couldn't keep hers off her young granddaughters who snuggled together in it
  • And my favorite story: a woman buying one to wear while watching TV turned to her friend and asked, "Does it match my couch?"

*The NunaWrap is 100% polyester, machine-wash, tumble dry, anti-pill fleece.

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