Who Made Your Clothes? Introducing My Factory in Pennsylvania

Who Made Your Clothes?  Introducing My Factory in Pennsylvania

When was the first time you thought about who made your clothes?  Growing up, either my mother or I made my clothes, and sometimes we’d buy them at a local shop.  I never thought about where the clothes in that shop came from, but my guess is that most were made in the USA because there was so much manufacturing here back then. 

Now, through serendipity, I have my own factory in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, and a big focus of my blog will be the things we do every day.  Trust me, it’s always something, and so instead of thinking I’m spending all day putting out fires (not literally!) on the factory floor, I’m going to think of how to make those incidents interesting to you.

Transparency in women’s clothing is trending, and so I’m going to start by showing you who makes the clothes you buy at NunaWraps.  There are three of us, and while we each have our specialties, we all chip in and do what needs to be done.

First, here’s the factory.  I’ll walk you through production in future blogs.

This is me cutting.  If this looks like fun or just interesting, stay tuned because I’ll detail the whole process in future blogs.  I’m not an expert, but I can speak to our experiences here (where I have become an expert).  In the background you see a few of our rolls of fabric—I’ll also write about the supply chain and sourcing.

Arlene is camera shy, but that’s her sewing.  If you’ve heard about industrial sewing machines, that’s what you’re looking at. You may also recognize the fabric as this garment is currently for sale.  Arlene has lots of experience and she’s an expert at trouble-shooting cantankerous machines.  In addition, she’s FAST! And accurate. 

Finally, here’s Amber, my assistant and quality-control person extraordinaire.  Everyone needs an Amber.  She runs the factory floor when I’m away, and I’ll blog another time on what it takes to do that job. 

I started operating out of this factory at the end of 2013.  Follow this link to see how it looked when I moved in and to read about my excitement at finding this veritable playground at my fingertips:  http://www.ivyreed.com/factory.htm

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  • Just bought my first nunawrap and love it! It is just the right weight to provide warmth without being bulky. I liked it so much I went back and purchased another one for my daughter for Christmas! She’s going to love it!

    Jan on
  • Love them. Very original.

    ELeanor BAlaban on

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