About Us

We specialize in unique wraps and scarves made locally in Pennsylvania. We are there every day designing, pattern making, sourcing fabric, cutting and sewing.


About the Owner

I’m Marguerite Swope, the owner and do-everything person for NunaWraps. After a long teaching career at Penn State, I left academia to pursue my passion for design and sewing. I started making a few things to sell on eBay, then moved on to the world of craft fairs, and now I’m lucky enough to have expanded into my own factory.

I now sell wholesale to stores and I still sell at craft fairs. My stores have things you won’t find here, so check them out: http://ivyreed.com/shop.htm You can find my craft fair schedule here: http://ivyreed.com/shows.htm

In 2013 I was lucky enough to find a fallow factory just 30 minutes from my home. I rent it, completely outfitted, and so now we're producing in-house. I'm thrilled to be reviving this factory and offering work to the amazingly talented workers in this area.

It’s creative heaven for me to sew limited editions to offer to you here on this website. I love combining colors to make unusual wraps so you’ll find lots of variety and ever-changing fabrics.

I live in State College, PA with my husband and youngest son and am fortunate enough to have my oldest son's family and two grandsons here as well.